Oilrequip.com enables you to source and sell excess and used equipment from and to companies within the oil and gas industry. We believe there is room for optimizing the usage of stored equipment worldwide, and we also believe there is a need for a platform where delivery time always is short in an industry where time always is of the essence.
That’s why we provide an online trade-platform backed by a professional setup to ensure swift attention and delivery.


From the first enquiry to delivery of the product Oilrequip.com is the single point-of-contact. We ensure that the market place is available and viewed by a large number of buyers and sellers in the industry.


Oilrequip.com is part of the Oilfield Group based in Esbjerg, Denmark (link). The team behind the concept has an extensive background in the oil and gas industry and we strive to ensure a high level of attention and technical expertise to any enquiries we receive.

Oilrequip Aps
Fiskerihavnsgade 4
6700 Esbjerg
P: +45 8832 7817